, an online clothing store that offers free shipping worldwide and is “Nothing but Style”. This is perfect because New Zealand is a long way from the rest of the world and we always seem to be the last trend-getters.

So, being able to get the latest fashion within a short period of time (about 5 working days) is even easier. Receiving an order for the very first time from an online store can be nerve-racking but I can safely say that NA-KD’s products are of high quality and are a reliable shipper for someone wanting fashion in a hurry.

I ordered a mixture of “looking fab” on the weekend and “looking professional” in the workweek.

Best thing, you guys can get 20% off by using the code “TaniaPD20” at the checkout. So check out what I got and comment what you’re getting ✨

1. Floral Mesh Frill Top in Purple

Work, work, work, work, work. When I saw this top, I knew straight away that I could put it to great use at my workplace. I am a teacher so being conservative and covering up is a must. The best thing about this top is that it is stylish and conservative. I can look fashionable and professional when walking the halls.

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2. A-line Short PU Skirt in Yellow

Now, this is unique! I couldn’t turn this one down. Now, how often can you own a PU yellow shirt? Definitely, a statement piece and I can see this trend returning to fashion in the future which makes it safe. It reminds me of the 90’s (my childhood) and it’s such a vibrant colour ?

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3. Satin Shirt in Yellow

As you can tell I have a yellow thing going on. I remember when I was a kid, my favourite colour was yellow because it was bright like the sun. This satin shirt is a head-turner. I went out for lunch in Auckland and everywhere I went people were watching. They have it in other colours so if yellow is too loud for you, you can get the strong purple, red or pink.

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4. Mini Slip Embroidery Dress

Perfect for date night and a bit of glamour! This dress makes me feel so feminine because of the silky texture and delicate straps. Plus, I have never owned a slip dress so I thought it would be a great “little black dress” to add to my collection.

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5. Rhinestone Button Earrings

I have found the holy grail of earrings! If you have checked out my blog “10 things to pack for an international pageant” then you’ll know that you must have a collection of glamorous earrings. It was very hard for me to select just one pair but NA-KD have so many to choose from and they look fabulous!

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Next on my list? Bikinis. The weather is warming up here in New Zealand so I am going to take advantage of the 20% off code “TaniaPD20” and stock up.

You can too!

Make sure you check out NA-KD’s bikinis! ?

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  1. I am loving everything about this!!!! I will Deffinately be purchasing a satin yellow shirt. So proud of you Tania!
    Ive always been envious of your banging bod,maybee a ‘gym sesh with Tania’ blog post?.Tips and tricks as to how you stay amazing and fit whilst living a super busy lifestyle 🙂 I know there’s plenty of fitness gurus out thier already,but it’s always nice coming from someone I’m sure everyone can relate too.

    Il be keeping up to date with all your posts for sure!

    Lots of Love,



  2. Thanks Bex ?

    Great idea for future post! My fitness is all over the place but I’m sure I can put together what I do when I am motivated ?

    I think the yellow satin shirt would look amazing on your skin tone! ❤️

  3. Kia ora Tania,
    Love all the outfits girl! Your sense of style is wowee!! As a first time mummy I don’t get much time to go to town & shop. So if you could give me a few tips on what to get to still look cool that’d be awesome!
    @teararipeka is my instagram. Add me ??
    Aroha nui ?

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