The title is quite dramatic, but these are products that I will always repurchase or stock up on because they have won my heart.

I consider myself a loyal person but I still like to give other products a go to see what they are like.

The following items range from head to toe (Hair to Feet) and are products that I continuously repurchase because I am so happy with it. Don’t forget to post your favourite products in the comments.

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Thin Lizzy — Light

Loyalty factor: Since I was 15 y’all!

Why I love it: Thin Lizzy powder has been my go-to bronzer for years. It actually gives me an extra glow, shapes my face, brings back colour after foundation and is so easy to apply. You really cannot mess it up (you can put this product on with your eyes closed) as it does not go patchy and is easily buildable.

Where to get it: It is an Australian and New Zealand product. It stocked in most Pharmacies and Farmers. However, I think they will be expanding overseas in the near future. If you ever head down here I promise it will be a product you will want to stock up on.

Olay Moisturizing Lotion

Loyalty Factor: 4 years

Why I love it: OLAY, OLAY, OLAY, OLAY, OLAY! It absorbs super fast! Very lightweight and I use it every morning. I like my sleep so I only give myself 20 minutes to get ready in the morning. I can put this lotion on and go get changed (3 minutes!) and then go straight into makeup without my concealer slipping off my face.

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MAC Fix+

Loyalty Factor: 2 ½ years

Why I love it: Revolutionized my makeup routine! You can layer up your powders (setting powder, blush, contour, bronzer and eyeshadows) and not panic about looking too cakey. As soon as you spritz Fix+ it refreshes your makeup, blurs any harsh lines and makes your makeup look like skin. I hated dewy makeup growing up because I was naturally shiny (Matte all the way, baby!) but the dew of this product has made me fall in love with it.

Where to get it: MAC stores, Farmers and Smith and Caughey’s. I don’t recommend buying online as there are so many fakes. Best to go to a store you can trust.

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Nivea In-Shower Rich Body Lotion Conditioner

Loyalty Factor: 3 years

Why I love it: This stuff makes your skin feel like butter. I use it frequently in winter as my skin dries out. How it works, wet your skin, lather the product all over (I usually turn the shower off so it can soak in) and then rinse. You will feel the difference instantly. Once, one of my friends accidentally brushed one of my legs and looked up at me shocked at how smooth it was. True story… She is probably going to read this.

Where to get it: Nivea is an international company so is available to most countries. In New Zealand, you can get it from a supermarket, Kmart and The Warehouse.

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Proactiv Solutions — Cleanser and Repairing Lotion

Loyalty Factor: 6-8 years

Why I love it: It just works. I struggled with acne since the age of 8 (I was super young) and had tried EVERYTHING. It is always the last thing that you try that solves the problem. With consistent use, these products balance out my blemishes. I still use the cleanser at least once a day in the shower and only use the repairing lotion if my skin looks like it needs it.

Where to get it: Proactiv Website, they ship worldwide. In New Zealand, you can also get it a Life Pharmacy.

Maybelline Colossal Mascara — Waterproof

Loyalty Factor: Since I was 16!

Why I love it: The formula is a perfect consistency for the finest of my lashes. You’ll find that different mascaras will do different things for different people. #different. So, you need to find one that suits you. Colossal is perfect for me and the extra waterproofing hold the curl longer. I do use other mascaras but I always come running back.

Where to get it: Maybelline is stocked all over the world. Availability to this specific product depends on your country. In New Zealand, you can get it in supermarkets, pharmacies and department stores.

There you have it! These a products that I cannot live without. Make sure to comment below with any products that you have repurchased over and over again. I am always excited to try something new! ?

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Beauty Products I Can’t Live Without

  1. I need eyeliner and lip gloss. I’m a single mother and don’t really have time to look pretty everyday but a little liner goes a long way
    IG: sheek_the_chique_chic

  2. Maybelline mascaras for the win! I constantly change up most of my beauty products, but like you, my constant has always been a Maybelline mascara in my kit. No other mascara brand comes close. ?

  3. I love MAC prep and prime too!!! It has the nicest smell and you can even get the mini bottles for $20 ?

  4. I’m always carrying a lip liner ? 6-8 years using proactive ? I’ve always wondered if it actually worked because I’ve never met anyone that has used it over a year. Will have to give it a go ???

  5. I will definitely make sure to give these a go! I have used the colossal mascara, and I’ve loved you blog by the way!

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