For those who have been asking for the PDF of my shopping list on Tiktok, here it is!

This grazing table was for a wedding of 80 guest for under $300. The food total was approximately $240 as I picked up some extra bread and grapes on the morning of the wedding. I put aside a $30 budget for some decorations, napkins, plates, spoons, knifes and little cups for dips which I got from Looksharp.

Click here  Grazing Table Shopping List

All of the equipment was my own which I had purchased from Kmart and other places. I did not charge labour and petrol cost as this was my wedding contribution and I was invited. This is not included in the $300 budget. If you expect someone to put this together for you, they will charge $500 plus which includes planning, shopping, set up, equipment hire, pack up and petrol cost.

Equipment List

  • Table and table cloths (Provided by brides mother)
  • Brown Paper $4 from David’s Emphorium
  • Lazy Susan’s $20 from Kmart
  • Wooden Tray Stand $15 from Kmart
  • Mini tongs (4 Pack) $5 from Kmart
  • Chalk board $4 from Kmart
  • Fake flowers $10 from Looksharp
  • Plates, cutlery, napkins Looksharp
  • Dipping bowls from Kmart and The Warehouse
  • Honey Dipper $3 each from Milly’s Kitchen

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