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Many people ask what I eat and the truth is I eat what I want. However, I know that eating fast food all the time can ruin my mood and cost me a lot of money. To stop myself from buying unnecessary junk food,I meal prep. That way if I am out and about, I know I have food at home so it prevents me from buying more. I don’t like wasting food. Its perfect for if you get home tired or late to just grab a meal, zap it in the microware and eat.

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On the menu is:

  • Peppercorn crusted Roast chicken with Green Beans/Pechay/Brown Rice
  • Roast Potatoes cooked in Roasting Juices
  • Chicken gravy from scratch with no added flour
  • Beef Elbow Pasta with Parmesan

Knowing what is in your food is important. You are in control of how much salt and oil is added. Processed foods are full of preservatives, salt and hidden sugars. If you make it yourself you know that your feeding your body with the good stuff.



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