Every woman should have at least one red lipstick. Red is so powerful and dominant. When used correctly, it can enhance a woman’s feminine power. In this post, I have selected 5 red lipsticks out of my own collection. Check them out and make sure to comment your “go to” red lipstick xx

MAC: Russian Red

This was my first red lipstick and has been one of my favourites. When I wear it, I feel like a senorita. The texture is smooth and it’s not too drying. The best thing is it has a matte texture which means that it last all night long. The colour is a deep red, the sort you’d find on a Ferrari 🙂

Samala Cosmetics: Rouge

Love this lipstick/lip gloss because it is so pigmented that you can wear it alone. It also has a minty smell and makes your lips feel PLUMP. It has a slight shimmer so when applied to the lips it looks glossy. Texture and consistency is perfect. Moisturizing and not too runny.

MAC: Ruby Woo

This is in a retro matte texture and lasts for ages! This is a more of a lighter-red lipstick but is very close to the shade Russian Red. The texture is a bit dry but make sure that you exfoliate your lips with a wet towel and moisturise with lip balm before applying. It is well worth the efforts!

Mary Kay: Poppy Please Rouge Pavot

This is an orangey-red lipstick that is bold. The texture is creamy and not too drying. The application is easy so you do not have to worry about prepping your lips. Chuck it in your handbag and you’re ready to go

MAC: Habanero

The names says it all because this lipstick is HOT, HOT, HOT! This is

from MAC’s Liptensity range which is highly pigmented and oh so creamy. This is a true orange-red as it leans to an orange more than a red. Absolutely love it! (By the way, my lips are not symmetrical, can you tell?)

Don’t forget to comment below your favourite red lipsticks below.

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