I have been lucky enough to travel to Coron twice in 2018. Two very different accommodation experiences. One was on a private island and the other was in Coron Proper Town. Coron is known for its pristine lime rock, natural beauty and clear blue water.

How to get to Coron

There are two options for flights, I’ve flown with AirSwift and Cebu Pacific where tickets cost between 5000-13,200 pesos ($150-400 NZD) return. This by far is the most relaxing and fastest way to travel to Coron. Other options would be to fly to Puerto Princesa, drive to El Nido by bus shuttle for 5-6 hours and then jump on a 3 hour ferry ride. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather spend that travelling time relaxing on a beach or swimming in a lagoon.


Once your at your hotel, its very easy to get a tricycle or hire a scooter for a day. If you’re wanting to go to the hot springs you’ve got plenty of waiting tricycles. We ended up hiring a scooter and going on a day trip to Conception Falls which was well worth it.



Club Paradise

Located on Dimaquita Island, Club Paradise is for those whom seek isolation and luxury. You can organise a shuttle with Club Paradise that covers pick up from the airport and a 20 minute boat ride out to the island. The thing that facinated me most about Club Paradise were the hundreds of fruit bats hanging from the trees. I would just observe them with temptation of rubbing a furry belly. We went snorkling with Turtles, hiked to the peak and of course spent time relaxing in hammocks on the beach. Challenged some strangers to a game of pool, ate buffet on the beach and drank in both CP bars.

Coron Villa

Located in Coron town, easy access to tricycles, walking distance to food and the wharf. I used Booking.com to reserve 4 nights for 7000 pesos ($213 NZD). It provides all the basics like aircon, bathrooms and showers. They have modern decor.

Things to Do

Island Hopping

To go island hopping, simply walk down to the wharf and you’ll get offers coming at you left-right and center. It can be anything from 2500-5000 pesos depending on how many islands you want to travel to in one day. You also have to pay an environmental fee which is around 200 pesos per person and you keep it for the duration of your stay. We ended up doing two days of island hopping. One day for the beaches and the second for the major lagoons. When you find a boat, they’ll take you to the market close by to buy ingredients for lunch. While you’re swimming they cook lunch for you. Make sure to buy enough to feed yourselves and the crew. If you want to save money, you can hustle with other tourist to share a boat where you can split the cost. These are the places we went:

  • Baraccuda Lake
  • Kayangan Lake
  • Hidden Lagoons
  • Ditaytayan Island
  • Banana Island
  • Malcapuya Island
  • Smith Beach
  • Twin Lagoons

Photo Credit: Braxen McConnell

Conception Falls

Hire a scooter from the town and go for drive to Conception Falls. It is about 45 mins out of the two. It had rained the day before, so the waterfall was full and flowing. We had a quick swim and a few photos.


Places to Eat

Buzz Express

Rating: 5/5

If you’re looking for western food and big plates, Buzz Express is the place to go. We had breakfast and coffee here most mornings and they were very generous with their servings. Omelettes, BLT’s and cakes. They also provide free wifi for their guest which is a bonus!


Lolo Nonoy’s Food Station

Rating: 4/5

Affordable Filipino food and a great place to feed large groups of people. This was our main dinner place because you can’t beat the price. They have the classics like sinigang, sisig and chicken/barbecue skewers. Sarap!

Lolo Nonoy's Food Station 02

Kawayanan Grill

Rating: 4/5

We came here on the way back from Conception Falls and decide to pop in because I had seem some good reviews. They have two areas to dine, outside they have cute huts/shacks and inside they have a dining room. Filipino cuisine with all the classics. I ended up with my favourite, Baboy Sinigang.


Touch Wood Cafe

Rating: 3/5

Out of all the food places we visited, this looked the most modern and inviting with its big windows and pale wood interior. You’ve got your basic Western food here like the “American breakfast” and your brewed coffee. They also provide free wifi for guest. We ended up staying here for 1-2 hours while the rain settled.


KTM Burger Night

Rating: 3.5/5

There is something about burgers that is so comforting. Probably because they’re one of the most popular fast food options in the world. Good old burgers and deep fried goodness.


If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below 🙂

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