Now, I would like to disclose that the following are not about long-term happiness but rather give that 5 second to 1 minute worth of joy and happiness. I don’t recommend living your life only seeking instant happiness, I do however encourage that you figure out what these things are. It gives appreciation to the little things and also makes you realize how unique (and perhaps weird) you are.

Once you have read over mine make sure to tell me in the comments what gives you instant happiness πŸ™‚

1) Cat videos- I just love cat videos. I am one of the billions that fuel the cat video industry. There is something about a sleeping kitten stretching that fills me with joy. Actually, most sleeping, stretching animals fill me with joy.

Photo by Kim Davies on Unsplash

2) Food- Feed me and find out. I dare you. Foods in particular would be anything with cheese or bacon. If I see food on a table and someone invites me to eat, you better beat that I will be the first person there. You should see me at work functions. I always break the ice when it comes to ‘helping yourself.

3) Coke- That moment after you’ve sculled some coke and you take your first breathe. Aaaaaaaahhh. This is why I have struggled with a coke addiction for years. I know that Coke is extremely bad for me and I do ration it. However, it is one of those pleasures in life that I deserve. I don’t smoke, barely drink alcohol or do drugs. Let me have this one pleasure.

4) When I hear “Crazy in Love” – That’s my jam. I instantly turn into a drama queen inside and out. It came on in a club once, I destroyed the d-floor and the barman gave a shot of tequila. When I hear is my ears prick up and my heels move in majestic ways.

5) Laughing to the point where I clap– the most pure of instant happiness. If I clap once, it must have been a super amazing joke. I guess the clap is me releasing the happiness into a physical form.

6) Seeing a pair of birds- this one is probably my weirdest but trust me its the cutest. Most birds are monogamous and mate for life like owls, penguins and magpies. If I see a couple of birds chilling out together it just warms my heart. I could literally watch birds all day. I am a weirdo.

7) KMART- Even the mention of KMART makes me happy. KMART is a department store in NZ that has EVERYTHING! My favorite isle are the home decor and stationary isle.

Would love to hear about the things that give you instant happiness in the comments below πŸ™‚

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